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Havells CFL – Sometimes a little good can do a lot in your life

March 20, 2010

“You are fired!” I told the employee last week who had been a non performer for last 6 months. He was a nice chap, very friendly, hardworking but just not cut out for this job. Sales was not his cup of tea. I had a feeling of guilt in my mind for a few days after that.

How many times have you been in situations like these? Things that you may want to do when you have little choice. Sometimes our karma leads us to doing strange things. Things that we have to do as part of the ironic life that we lead.  In our busy, mechanical daily lives we often commit misdemeanors that leave us with a sense of guilt and heavy heart. How many of us have actually thought about the people at the other end who suffer because of the job that we have to do. Maybe not consciously, but just because we have had no choice at times. It’s true, happens with the most of us.

Sometimes we have to hurt others because of the work that we do.  For example a debt collector has to harass many people in order to collect the money owed to someone else. So many times salesmen have to conceal certain truths in order to sell certain products. Butchers have to kill so many animals on a daily basis just to earn their livelihood. Sometimes a ticket collector has to take money from someone who has genuinely forgotten his ticket and leave him in dire straits.

Certain professions like that of Policemen, Anti terrorist squads and soldiers from the Armed forces end up taking lives, but that is part of their job. May not necessarily feel good about it but they have to do what they have to do. Very similar to what a Hangman has to do for a living. It’s Karma after all.

And many times we get opportunities to do good things, things like donating blood, helping others with kindness, money or deeds. Simple things like planting a tree, helping old people cross the road. These are the kind of acts that we all do of course without any expectations. Something similar to saving electricity. The more you save electricity, the better it would be for several villages and people who don’t have access to it.

The point gets demonstrated by the voiceover: Zindagi mein hum sabko paap karna padta hai, kuch to punya kama sakte hain.

While we all hope and pray we don’t have to do such things for a living, we can always contribute to somebody else’s better by saving energy and helping environment. A point well taken in light of the upcoming ‘Earth Hour’ on the 27th of March.


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