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You don’t want to be a bulb, do you?

October 12, 2009

Here is a simple question: Are you a bulb? “What’s that supposed to mean?” you may ask. Well, let’s see if this video gives you some idea!

Bulbs waste, CFLs save! So when I ask you whether you are a bulb, I’m asking you whether you use resources carefully and efficiently, or do you waste them? As we go further, it is important to know why we chose the analogy of a bulb and a CFL.

Let’s look at some interesting statistics:

  • A CFL bulb uses 65-75% less energy than a bulb. You get 60 watts of light for 13 watts of power used
  • Replacing one bulb with a CFL amounts to a savings of more than $88 over the life of the bulb. Thousands of rupees, in other words
  • A bulb last 1,000 hours; a CFL bulb lasts 10,000 hours

Take a look at this table to get a clearer idea about the annual electricity consumption and bill savings by using a CFL lamp as compared to a GLS lamp (General Lighting Service):

CFL statistics

As you can clearly see, a general lamp/GLS lamp/incandescent bulb clearly uses power very inefficiently, when compared to the CFL. This is the reason behind the Bulb-CFL analogy.

So, how does one not be a bulb? Here are three simple steps to be taken to improve resource usage efficiency at home.

  1. When not in use, switch off all electrical appliances, including lights, fans, computers etc. Where applicable, remember to remove plugs from their sockets as well
  2. Do not keep the tap water running while brushing, shaving, washing clothes etc.
  3. Switch to energy efficient electrical products, including lighting, fans, motors etc.

There are, of course, many other ways in which you can avoid being a bulb at home. What are your suggestions? We’d like to hear from you in the comments.


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